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Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection

the lovers, the dreamers, and me

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I think that essentially describes what I am

on the good ship


Pixar short films mood theme made by upsa_daisy.
Sprite from NIKUMIKE
america/australia, animation, annoying my cockatiel, answering with a song, argyle socks are cool, being indecisive, birds, bleach, british comedy, bromances, bubble tea, captain america/iron man, claymation, cockatiel tummies, coconut juice, country relations, cuddles, d.gray-man, daydreaming, disney, disney-songs-in-other-languages, easyway, erik/charles, eurovision, film, football, foreign music, france/england, francis/arthur, grape fanta, hetalia, hoarding, hulkling/wiccan, i'm-not-wearing-underwear-today, inconsistency, instrumentals, international news, kirks original, kissing cockatiel tummies, kissing cockatiels, l&p, laughing, liking unappreciated characters, looney tunes, lurking fandoms, magical mister mistoffelees, magneto/professor x, marvel, michael-schumacher-ferrari, moar, monty python, musicals, mutual hugging, my backyard, naruto, nommables, nuzzling, ogling, om noms, pasta, pixar, pokemon, possums in my roof, procrastinating, putthatthingbackwhereitcamefromorsohelpme, red plush chairs, shipping, sniffing loved ones, soundtracks, spanish buzz, steve/tony, stickers, stop motion animation, studio ghibli, superheroes, teddy/billy, the amazing race, the it crowd, the muppets, tiger & bunny, traveling, upcoming movies, variety, weaving lyrics into conversation, what cologne you wear, wildlife, x men, you with the face